25% Off Paid Subscriptions

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If you're reading this it's because you recently signed up as a free member of our Cestrian Inner Circle service. Inner Circle is our best work; it's the work we use to invest our own staff personal account monies, across growth and value stocks, index and sector ETFs, commodities and more.

For the remainder of October, you can sign up to a paid membership for a 25% discount to rack rate. You'll keep your price for as long as you remain a paying member - we don't raise prices for existing members, but we do raise them for new joiners as the service expands over time. So the earlier you join, the lower your price.

Use these links:

Monthly membership - rack rate $249/mo; until 31 October, $186.75/mo

Annual membership - rack rate $1999/yr; until 31 October, $1499/yr

Extended 6-year membership - rack rate $6999; until 31 October, $5249.

Any questions, reach out using this contact form and we'll get right back to you.

Thanks for reading our work.

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 26 October 2023.