A selection of recent testimonials from our Inner Circle members. Want to join the service? Choose “Inner Circle” from the checkout menu.

June 2024 - “Far Exceeded Expectations. Bravo!"

At my 1 year mark of being with the service, it has far exceeded expectations. I am proud to recommend the service and will tell you why. But for a bit of context, a year ago I decided to actively prioritize investing in the market as a self manager. I set some well defined goals and am achieving them and revising them higher. Alex, who is behind Cestrian, is constantly improving the experience, as a result, I am learning more, faster, and enjoying it. It goes without saying that the scale of one's attention and focus is proportional to their results. What I've come to enjoy at Cestrian is that they have continued to grow with me and push me with their various services and community. Bravo.

June 2024 - "A Great Fan Of This Service".

I have become a great fan of Cestrian’s investment research service in a relatively short (less than a year) space of time. Alex King, who leads the team, comments by email everyday giving his views on the current state of US markets i.e. Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq and Russell 2000. The direction of the indices is forecast dependent, it seems, mainly on Cestrian’s interpretation of the respective charts using, amongst other tools, the Fibonacci wave theory. I have on occasion doubted their market direction conclusions but, I have to say, they have each time been proved correct. Cestrian also provides intensive fundamental research on companies in their US company universe and I have benefitted here from following a number of their selections. It is a personal service and Alex welcomes subscribers’ questions.

I have in the past subscribed to other US based investment services but not only were they much more expensive but also didn’t begin to compare in success terms.

I think what I like most about Cestrian is that, through their chart expertise, they will also call the big moves i.e. markets moving overall from a bullish to a bearish stance and vice versa. In other words a statement to consider becoming net short would, in the event of markets changing to a downward trend, be forthcoming.

I worked as a private client investment manager for over 40 years but have learned a considerable amount, predominantly using charts, since joining Alex a few months ago. Cestrian comes highly recommended.

March 2024 - "Inner Circle was the right fit".

I found Cestrian Capital Research at the "right" time in my learning curve as a working professional (non-finance) conducting self-directed investing for my retirement.  I didn't want to be in a robo-plan or to be paying exorbitant fees to advisors, and I had a sense of how I wanted to invest.  I tried a few other subscription services that also taught me what I did and didn't want.  It turned out Cestrian Capital Research's Inner Circle service was the right fit as a whole and in particular a subset of the service wherein I'm investing in 3x ETFs following a market-neutural approach as Cestrian outline. This fit my hunches of "get in heavy when things are going up, watch signals and those who know more than me, and get out when things start going down".  With Cestrian I've found this method, plus much greater refinement with hedging and inverse 3x ETFs, in a subset of the CCR offering.  The balance of fundamental and technical analysis that Alex and other contributors bring is a important to me.  I'm early on (a couple months in), but all the requirements are lighting up, including keeping it simple, with a sense of humor and a learning community.  The challenge will be in when the down trends come but I have good reason to believe I have brake pedals and signals intelligence to use to not only avoid loss, but to make gains on downturns with Cestrian Capital Research.

December 2023 - "Saved My Portfolio Bacon ... Chad No More!"

Cestrian Capital Research's Inner Circle & Growth Investor Pro services are exactly what I’ve been looking for and not been able to find until now. I’ve subscribed to several well known stock picking & research services over the years, but none of them match the combination of analysis, selection, process, monitoring and timely trading alerts which I need. The ability for me to accumulate, hold, & distribute selected stocks with confidence based on trading price points developed by Cestrian using a combination of Elliot Wave Theory/Fibonacci Retracements/Wyckoff cycle timing all informed by institutional trading volumes is what I really value, along with really good quarterly earnings reports, which further reinforce stock updates. Alex saved my portfolio bacon with his “Buckle Up” post in November 2021, which prompted me to sell 50% of my holdings across the board that day - how I wish I had sold 100%, but I was new to the service! Cestrian communications come with the added bonus of humour & self deprecation, they are fun to read. Chad no more!  

November 2023 - "Intensive, resourceful investing analysis which doesn't let up."

Intensive, resourceful investing analysis which doesn’t let up. Comparison is pointless. You won’t see the same kind of stock mixes in other services: aiming for high performance ideas regardless of sector, whether value, high growth or short to mid to long-term plays on market opportunity across the main US exchanges. This is a service which demands expertise of those behind it, and they deliver with both inimitable style and deep engagement in their community. 

November 2023 - "Recommended If You Want To Use The Market, Instead Of Having It Use You!"

I joined the Inner Circle about a month ago after being in Cestrian's Growth Investor Pro (GIP) service for three months.  I have searched and been a member of several stock picking and research services over the past two years.  I have found Alex’s approach to understanding what the market is doing and why not only refreshing but, it makes sense.  Since joining GIP and the Inner Circle my portfolio balance has gone up and, I think more importantly, I have greater confidence in investing.  I would highly recommend this service to any investor who wants to understand the market and actually beneficially use it instead of having it use you!

November 2023 - "An Absolute Necessity"

I am a very active and successful trader - using it as my secondary means of income and I absolutely love the Inner Circle service. While I use my own methods, Inner Circle has been an absolute necessity in upping my game. Using the elite athlete metaphor, you wouldn’t step on the field without a coach; I consider Inner Circle my coach. From the daily thoughts on the market to their stock suggestions and reasons behind why they think they will move to the anticipated levels, I use Inner Circle as my guide to the market and then augment with my own trading style.  That’s just where Inner Circle starts - they also have weekly videos that explain everything from earnings calls to Elliot wave levels. Much like the elite athlete, you see the benefits of Inner Circle on your game once you start using and employing their techniques. Do I always use their ideas ? No, but when I don’t they make me anticipate things I may not have seen. Being a very seasoned trader, the important thing is they make my game better and elevate my success rate and that’s all the edge I need.

November 2023 - "A Great Opportunity"

Cestrian Inner Circle is what you make of it, like most things in life. You are in the driver's seat and Cestrian provides tools to help you get to where you want to go. The coverage encompasses a wide range of investment topics and appeals to different types of investors. Alex (Cestrian CEO) is engaged and receptive to feedback from members. How each member uses this service is likely different. What I like best about Inner Circle is being able to assemble a mix of tools to best fit my goals. As the market changes, I can adjust my toolkit with the environment. Alex has continually added to the service and attracted a good mix of folks eager to learn and contribute their knowledge where best fit. If you enjoy learning and actively participating in your own investment journey, Cestrian Inner Circle is a great opportunity.  

September 2023 - "Cestrian Makes Dumb Money Smart And Smart Money Brilliant".

5-star rating: I would like to write a couple of lines about Inner Circle, Cestrian and its CEO. You have to look far and wide in the financial sector to find a professional that isn't shoving his ego in front of himself. You may find a ton of educated guesses but rarely somebody who may sincerily admit "not to know". I have found this sincerity in Alex King, (Cestrian CEO) ... Mr. King never leaves a question unanswered. He addresses his subscribers with refreshing honesty, consideration and respect talking to the little guys and to big guys alike in terms they can understand, with the analytical excellence and professionalism you wouldn't expect to see beyond the walls of a multinational bank. Cestrian is more than an information/education service. Mr. King is more than a professional stock market analyst. In Cestrian we find a community of intelligent investors and traders collaborating to enrich each other with experience and know-how. Beyond some brilliant and profound analytics we find a knowledgable mentor, who effectively functions as a source of inspiration and erudition. Cestrian makes dumb money smart and smart money brilliant. The rest is up to you.

June 2023 - "I Feel Fortunate To Have Found This Service".

Very orienting and extremely valuable. I don’t know where else an individual investor can get this type of unbiased market information. I feel fortunate to have found it. I highly highly recommend it.

June 2023 - "My Go-To Service".

Although I’m middle-aged, I’m newish to managing my own money (only 3 years in.) Initially I subscribed to several different services trying to learn and fine tune my approach to investing and quickly realized there is a lot of noise out there. I have found Inner Circle to be my go to service as they not only have an impressive accuracy with their analysis and forward thinking, they are teaching me how to use charts and understand fundamentals to analyze on my own. Their daily market analysis and interactive webinars are fantastic teaching tools, where members are always allowed questions, and no question is considered dumb! I feel much more confident in my knowledge, my anxiety has calmed, and my portfolio is currently beating all the indices.

June 2023 - "I Could Not Be More Pleased."

I joined Inner Circle early 2023 after the stock investor massacre that happed in 2022. I was seeking an investment group that combined the typical financial analysis that many do (revenue growth, cash flow, orders, etc) with rigorous analysis of stock charts. I found nirvana in the Inner Circle. This group is the best I’ve personally witnessed or heard of. During the first months I was overwhelmed during webinars because of the fluidity with which they used stock analysis techniques and more importantly, how they combined Elliott wave analysis that fit the Fibonacci extension and retracement levels. This gave confidence to the identification of the assignment of the Elliott waves. But then they clarify where a stock resides in a cycle with the helpful Wyckoff phases of Accumulation, Mark up, Distribution which is always verified by a detailed Volume Price Analysis! These folks have a firm grasp on all of the essential tools. I then tested their analysis by taking small positions in eight stocks assumed to be in the accumulation phase. It was rough going once Silicon Valley Bank failed which was quickly followed by First Republic bank- lots of wild volatility in the Market. Then May arrived and the stocks gained rapidly. Even though I could have made tens of thousands of dollars this year had I invested as iI normally do, I am very glad I was conservative and tested this group with small positions in eight stocks first. I am very pleased to report that six of eight stocks have had sizable gains as their analysis predicted. The other two have remained in the accumulation zone, basically flat. Based on my experience I now have as much confidence in this group as is possible during this period of economic turmoil. I could not be more pleased.

June 2023 - "Quite A Trip!"

Amazing service! I'm lucky to have gotten in in early days - quite a trip.