Cestrian Capital Research, Inc is an SEC-regulated investment research provider. We're based in Newport Beach, CA, and focus entirely on US-listed stocks, ETFs and their derivatives. Our sole product is investment research; by design, we have no other capital markets operations. We don't advise on M&A; we have no capital-raising arm; nor do we work on behalf of any of the companies whose stocks we cover. We are, in short, fiercely independent.

We'll introduce you to our team in a moment. But before we get to that - if you'd like to sample our research, all our services offer a free tier. You can sign up for any or all of them below.

Investment Research Services

Inner Circle - Our Best Work.

Our best work is to be found on this site, home to the Cestrian Inner Circle service. You can read all about the Inner Circle service, here. It is suitable for RIAs, fund managers, and independent investors.

The Inner Circle value proposition is simple.

We provide you with tools, information and analysis that can be used to:

  • Invest long-term in US the equity indices - the S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones and Russell 2000 - finding opportune moments along the way at which to add to holdings or harvest gains.
  • Build and manage a long-term US stock and ETF investment portfolio, covering both growth and value investment categories.
  • Swing trade US equity indices over a period of weeks to months.
  • Short-term trade US equity indices over a period of days to weeks.
  • Follow institutional capital rotation into and out of key sector ETFs.

Cestrian Inner Circle subscribers also have the opportunity to join a high quality members-only chatroom and to participate in a weekly live and open-mic webinar covering the issues of the day.

Subscribers also receive a daily market update note with our take on the four major US equity indices (the S&P500, the Nasdaq-100, the Dow Jones and the Russell 2000), together with the US 10-Year Treasury Note Yield, Bitcoin and Ether.

And to top it all, subscribers receive real-time alerts prior to any of our staff personal accounts placing trades in stocks or ETFs covered in the service.

Subscriber testimonials can be found here .

You can sign up for a free or paying subscription to Inner Circle right here. We charge $2499/yr or $299/mo for the paying version.

Our best value membership is our 6-year Extended Subscription - it's a 40% discount on the annual, and almost a 60% discount on the monthly.

Entry-Level Substack Newsletters

We also offer two entry-level subscription services which we operate on the Substack platform.

Cestrian Market Insight provides US equity index and sector ETF analysis. You can sign up for Market Insight right here:

Cestrian Tech Select provides US technology stock coverage including simple earnings reports and regularly updated charts. You can sign up for Tech Select here:

The Cestrian Team

Our work is nothing like Wall Street research. It is produced by investors, for investors. Our single-stock and ETF research combines fundamental and technical analysis methods together with options market insight. Our team includes the following:

  • Alex King. Fundamental & technical stock analysis. Three-decade professional technology investor. Founder & CEO of Cestrian Capital Research, Inc.
  • Nick Burton. Management & operations analysis. 35+ year career in semiconductor, systems, software & datacenter. Sponsor-backed turnaround specialist.
  • Adam Santana. Managing Attorney, Santana Injury Law. Technical option trading setups, primarily single-stock names.
  • Abhishek Singh. Senior research scientist, life sciences sector. Single-stock and ETF fundamental & technical analysis.
  • Yimin Xu. Federal Reserve policy analysis; policy impact on US stocks, bonds & bond ETFs; single-stock research in the financial and technology sectors. Former institutional rates trader.
  • Jay Urbain, Ph.D. Proprietary options market analysis; options market impact on US stock indices; single-stock options strategies.

Contact Us

Have a question? Reach out anytime. You can email us at minerva@cestriancapital.com, or use the contact form below.