Cestrian Capital Research, Inc is an SEC-regulated investment research provider.

We're based in Newport Beach, CA, and focus entirely on US-listed stocks, ETFs and their derivatives.

Our sole product is investment research; by design, we have no other capital markets operations. We don't advise on M&A; we have no capital-raising arm; nor do we work on behalf of any of the companies whose stocks we cover.

We are, in short, fiercely independent.

Our work is nothing like Wall Street research. It is produced by investors, for investors. Whether it's single-stocks or ETFs or options research, the insight we provide combines fundamental and technical analysis methods together with options market insight.

The Cestrian Team.

The reason our work is nothing like Wall Street work is that our team is nothing like a Wall Street team.

Each of our analysts is a grownup investor in their own right.

We have no graduate program, no boot camp operation, nobody is working overnight producing decks of slides for management presentations, because we aren't trying to win business from the companies or fund managers whose securities we cover.

We produce buyside analysis ie. our focus is on investors and traders.

Our sole goal is to find compelling long-, medium- and short-term investing and trading ideas.

Our team includes:

  • Alex King. Fundamental & technical stock analysis. Three-decade professional technology investor. Founder & CEO of Cestrian Capital Research, Inc.
  • Nick Burton. Management & operations analysis. 35+ year career in semiconductor, systems, software & datacenter. Sponsor-backed turnaround specialist.
  • Adam Santana. Managing Attorney, Santana Injury Law. Technical option trading setups, primarily single-stock names.
  • Abhishek Singh. Senior research scientist, life sciences sector. Single-stock and ETF fundamental & technical analysis.
  • Jay Urbain, Ph.D. Proprietary options market analysis; options market impact on US stock indices; single-stock options strategies.
  • Yimin Xu. Federal Reserve policy analysis; policy impact on US stocks, bonds & bond ETFs; single-stock research in the financial and technology sectors. Former institutional rates trader.

Contact Us

Have a question? Reach out anytime. You can email us at minerva@cestriancapital.com, or use the contact form below.