RIA Insight Pro is intended for those RIAs focused on growing their assets under management. This is our newest service; we're excited about where it's headed. Join now to get early-bird pricing.

100% Focus On Growing Assets Under Management

We provide the following within the service to help you grow AUM.

  • Model portfolios using simple common stocks and/or unlevered ETFs.
  • Equity index and sector ETF analysis to help you rotate client capital effectively. We use fundamental and technical analysis intended to identify which equity indices and which sectors are under institutional accumulation, which are being held through a rising market, and which being distributed in anticipation of a falling market.

Our belief is that client capital invested in US equities can grow in any market - up, down or sideways - we teach you how, and our model portfolios are simple, easy-to-follow practical implementations of this approach.

Note, the scope of this service will expand as time goes by; as the scope expands, the price will rise for new joiners. Lock in your early-bird pricing now.

Subscription Options - Early Bird Launch Pricing

RIA Insight Pro is a brand-new service. As always when we launch a new service line, we start off with deeply-discounted early-bird pricing. Right now, RIA Insight Pro is available with annual or monthly subscription plans.

  • Annual - $499/yr
  • Monthly - $99.99/mo

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Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 30 June 2024