Inner Circle is our premium investment research service.

Securities Pricing Is Our Focus

Our work has very simple goals. We focus on why security X is currently priced at Y; and where it may move next, and why. We do this in equities and ETFs. We use this work to manage staff personal accounts, both long-term investing and short-term trading. We then publish it here in our Inner Circle service. We always disclose staff personal account positioning so you never have any doubt how we ourselves are positioned.

In short, this is our top-grade service providing you with our very best quality work. It's the work we use to invest our own personal account funds. It's written by investors, for investors.

Market Neutral

We have no directional bias whatsoever; believe no narratives; care not whether markets are moving up, sideways, or down. The nimble investor can profit from any market direction and indeed no direction, using simple instruments like $SPY, $QQQ, $DIA, $IWM and so forth. At Inner Circle we identify opportunities to gain from all market environments, trends and countertrends.

How We Do It

We use the following factors to determine price direction.

  • Federal Reserve liquidity flows and monetary policy at large
  • Options market impact on equity indices and ETFs
  • Technical analysis of single-stock names and ETFs
  • Financial fundamentals analysis of single-stock names.
  • Decades of institutional investing experience applied to each situation.

Who This Service Is For

Inner Circle is designed specifically for experienced investors, including:

  • Fund Managers
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Family Offices
  • Independent Investors

What You Receive As A Paying Member

The service comprises:

  • Actionable investing and trading ideas regardless of market direction. We cover growth, value, commodities and indices and we work in multiple timeframes simultaneously.
  • Sector ETF and single-stock picks for portfolio rotation, a time-honored way to prevail through good markets and bad.
  • An ever-growing single-stock coverage list using both fundamentals and technicals plus the insight of our career pro investors at Cestrian to form our ratings. We always disclose staff personal account positions.
  • Daily market report. This includes long- and short-term analysis of the S&P500, the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones and the Russell 2000, together with the US 10-year Treasury yield, Bitcoin and Ether futures. This is the exact same work we use to run our own personal account index investing and trading, and it's the work we use ourselves to set the context of our single-name stock and sector ETF activities too.
  • Direct access to senior Cestrian staff.
  • Real-time disclosure alerts whenever Cestrian staff personal accounts place trades in securities we cover.
  • Membership of the exclusive Inner Circle chatroom, featuring a great group of grownup investors and traders. (No stock-shaming, yelling, braggadocio, or other low-rent Discordia!). This is a real asset of the service.

Join us.

Subscription Options

You have four options.

  • Free - $0/yr and indeed $0/month.
  • Annual - $1999/yr - RISES TO $2499/YR ON 1 DECEMBER 2023
  • Monthly - $249/mo - RISES TO $299/MO ON 1 DECEMBER 2023
  • Extended - $8999 one-time payment for six years' membership.

If you'd like to take the Free, Annual or Monthly options, you can do so right here:

If you start with the free, you can move up to a paid plan anytime. Once you've subscribed for paid plan, be it an Annual or Monthly membership, your price won't increase for as long as you remain a member. Prices for new members will rise consistently as this service expands - but you keep your day one price as long as you remain a member. In short, the sooner you sign up for a paid plan, the less you pay today and forever.

Our best-value membership is our 'Extended' plan.

This gets you a six-year membership for just $8999 (that's a 25% discount on the annual plan and a 50% discount on the monthly).

Any questions, reach out to us at, or you can use this form:

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