Market Insight is our entry-level subscription service.

Pro Grade Investment Notes And Market Analysis.

Our ‘Cestrian Market Insight’ service gives you our daily market note, earnings and other reports on 80+ single-name stocks across multiple sectors (tech, financials, defense and others). It uses the same core work upon which our premium Inner Circle service is built. This means we can keep the costs low.

You can sign up for Market Insight right here - just be sure to choose “Market Insight” at checkout.

Subscription Options

You’re welcome to start with us for free - we publish free content from time to time based on the work in the service. But the good stuff is behind the paywall.

Market Insight is available with annual or monthly subscription plans.

  • Annual - $299/yr
  • Monthly - $29.99/mo

If you'd like to take the Free, Annual or Monthly options, you can do so right here:

If you start with the free, you can move up to a paid plan anytime. Once you've subscribed for a paid plan, be it an Annual or Monthly membership, your price won't increase for as long as you remain a member. Prices for new members will rise consistently as this service expands - but you keep your day one price as long as you remain a member. In short, the sooner you sign up for a paid plan, the less you pay today and forever.

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 27 March 2024