Can Micron Save The Bull Market?

Can Micron Save The Bull Market?
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Market On Open, Wednesday 26 June

by Alex King

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What To Worry About Today

On deck today is Micron ($MU) earnings. As you know, Micron is the leading US-based memory chip business. When people are buying more computing devices, they are buying more memory. The more intensive the computing, the more intensive the memory requirements. $MU is a second-order beneficiary of the boom in spending on $NVDA GPUs; we saw in our note yesterday just how much this has benefitted the stock already. MU is sat at $141, below a key technical resistance level of around $157. The company prints earnings today after the close; a bullish reaction may push the stock up and over $157 and take semiconductor-sector ETFs and likely the Nasdaq and the S&P upwards with it. A bearish reaction may deliver another blow to semiconductors, which have led the market all year and which just started to sell off last week before a reprieve yesterday. Paying members here - whether RIA Market Insight Pro, Market Insight or Inner Circle - will see our earnings report on Micron after the print.

So Let’s Get To Work

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