Our Latest Model Portfolio - Energy Sector

Our Latest Model Portfolio - Energy Sector
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“A.I.? That’s So Tomorrow. Get Me Some Oil!”

by Alex King

In our Inner Circle service we run model portfolios using rotation methodology. The intent is to find baskets of stocks, usually by sector, that appear to be under institutional accumulation. Then to hold them in the model, collecting and re-investing dividends along the way. And further, in this ideal world, to sell them from the model when it looks like the sector is topping out and may be under institutional distribution. We use all manner of technical and fundamental analysis to do this but in the end it comes down to spotting telltale accumulation signs in the sector, then finding a group of high quality single-stock names with which to play the theme.

One day we are going to mess this up. But so far, we have not yet messed it up. There is always tomorrow. But here’s how it’s gone so far.

(Each model portfolio, by the way, is measured thus: five to seven tickers in each, all dividends re-invested back into the ticker that produced them, no fees charged because they are intended to be self-managed portfolios, allocations set at inception and unchanged thereafter, and no cash left in the model at inception).

Inner Circle Core Stocks - 7 February 2023 Inception To Date

Inner Circle High Beta - 17 March 2023 Inception To Date

Inner Circle Defense - 24 January 2024 Inception To Date

Note, this was not set up to beat the indices - it was set up as an, er, defensive portfolio. So it’s a pleasant surprise to see how well it is doing.

Inner Circle Enterprise Software - 12 June 2024 Inception To Date

So far, so good.

To date we have also closed out two model portfolios - our “Dowtards” - aka. Laggards Of The Dow! - and Financials portfolios. They did well, began to fade back towards the index performance, so we cut them, ie. “sold” the stocks in the model.

Here’s how they did from inception to closeout.

Inner Circle Financials - 23 Jun 2023 To 20 Jun 2024

Inner Circle Dowtards - 11 July 2023 To 8 Jan 2024

By the way - this is why we close these out sometimes. If you had held that Dowtard portfolio to date, and not sold it? Instead of your +13% gains, ahead of all the indices, you’d be looking at this:


Energy Sector

Today we announce the latest in this series of model portfolios - our Energy Sector model portfolio. This model portfolio is available to our Inner Circle subscribers only. If you'd like to join the Inner Circle service, here's how to do it.

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OK. Let's get to work. Here's all about our Energy Sector Model Portfolio.