An Introduction To Business Development Companies

An Introduction To Business Development Companies
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by Alex King

To date, our Inner Circle service has concentrated on capital gains strategies, be that through single-stock model portfolios or via hedged 3x ETF trading strategies. We've not covered income strategies at all. Today, that changes. Over time we will add futher income-focused coverage to our Inner Circle service and our new RIA Insight Pro service. Why? Because if you do it right, the market can pay you a healthy yield or income on your assets, as well as boosting your capital asset base. Income focused investments may not rise at the same rate as $SOXL but they don't commit acts of self-harm as readily either. Whether you are running client money or your own, understanding how to deploy capital wisely to generate an income for its beneficiaries is a key pillar of using the market to your advantage.

How To Earn A Living From The Market, Step One

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