Inner Circle - Model Portfolio Review

So far so good.

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How It Looked At Friday's Close

As you know, if you're a paying member here at Inner Circle, we have four medium-term model portfolios in train right now. Each of these four are medium-term hold single stock baskets, five or six stocks per portfolio, equal weighted at inception, no cash kept back, no rebalancing or buys or sells since inception.

All going well so far. The charts below paint the picture. Assumptions as follows:

  • No advisory fees are included, since these are intended to be self-managed models.
  • The model portfolios assume all dividends are re-invested, ie. dividends generated are immediately used to buy additional numbers of the stock that paid the dividend.

All model portfolios report from inception to the close on Friday 22 February 2024.

Inner Circle - Core Stocks

Inception was 7 February 2023.

Inner Circle - High Beta Stocks

Inception was 17 March 2023.

Inner Circle - Financial Stocks

Inception was 23 June 2023.

Inner Circle - Defense Stocks

Inception was 24 January 2024.

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 25 February 2024.