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The Value Of X

The idea of this Inner Circle service was to attract an ever-growing group of investors and traders, be they fund managers, RIAs, or individuals, who are committed to continually raising their game.  Moreover, that to the extent possible within commercial constraints, that ideas are discussed and shared with the goal of learning from one another.  

Now, we're no kind of idealists here at Cestrian, we understand the rational desire to resource guard when it comes to any edge one may have found in securities markets.  I'm not talking about giving away the special sauce you've got working for you in your investing life.  But what I can say as a fact is that my own personal account investing and trading continues to improve to the extent I both contribute and learn from others in the game.  The joy of securities markets for me is that the job is never done.  You are never an expert, and the moment you think you are is the moment it starts to go wrong, because hubris kicks in, conditions change, the trick you had going for you doesn't work any longer, and you start losing money.  

I personally have a quest to discover the Value Of X, which is the price of any given security in a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year.  And the whole game here is that you have to accept that you will never know the Value Of X, but you can continually learn which factors affect the value and how to narrow down the possibilities of what X could be at any given point in time.

The goal of Inner Circle is to enable all of us who live here in the service to be able to say with certainty what the Value Of X is.  Which is to say it is intended to be a never-ending service that keeps on expanding its toolkit - from fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks and ETFs that we cover, to the impact of option market capital flows on those stocks and ETFs, to the macro backdrop underpinning all money flows in capital markets.   We're a little under eight months into the service and so far we have under our belt:

  • Four moneymaking baskets of long-term stock picks, all of which are beating the S&P and the Nasdaq on a total return basis since inception - two of them considerably so, one nicely so and one by a whisker.
  • A thus-far successful line of hedged index ETF trading ideas covering the Nasdaq, the S&P, the Dow and the Russell 2000, based on real-money trades disclosed ahead of the trade being placed.
  • Daily market analysis notes covering our longer- and shorter-term views of the four major US equity indices above, together with our own staff personal account short-term trading plans laid out ahead of time and placed clearly on the short-term charts.
  • An increasingly valuable members-only chat environment where we have a plurality of views from many grownup investor and traders.  I am personally delighted to see the service develop in a guru-free fashion, which is to say there is no My Way Or The Highway mentality - back to the Value Of X problem above.

Starting today we re-introduce live webinars into the service.  We tried this right at the launch of the service but usage was patchy (probably because we had way fewer members then).  We've seen huge growth in the service in recent months and now seems a great time to get webinars working here.  They are one of the most popular features of our junior services so ought now to work well here in our premier offering now that we have more than a critical mass of members.

Paying subscribers can scroll down to register for today's event.  If you've yet to sign up as a paying member you can do so right from the link below.

We'll cover the following:

  • Long term investment methods used in the service - specifically Wyckoff rotation, fundamental company financial analysis, and Elliott Wave / Fibonacci technical analysis all used in combination.  
  • Short-term equity index ETF trading methods using the 3x ETFs.
  • The logic behind the four stock baskets picked so far and where we are likely to go for the next basket.
  • Q&A ... on an Ask Us Anything basis.

Don't miss it.  We'll record it and post in the service after the event, but do join live if you can.  You can ask questions in the session or post them ahead of time (in Slack or in comments to this note).

See you there!

Alex King, Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 22 August 2023.