Learn To Speak Fed - For Free!

Learn To Speak Fed - For Free!

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How To Impress People At Parties Now

by Alex King

As you know, from around March 2020 onwards everyone became an expert on the Fed.  Especially those folks who had never heard of it before.  Today you can’t spend three minutes on any particular social media platform without being deluged in a vomitorium of undigested ruminations about what the Fed is or is not doing and why that may or may not be ruining your life.  Of course, it’s not that these folks just made a bad set of decisions.  No.  It’s “The Fed’s Fault That [ …. ]” (fill in the blank according to whatever diatribe is in play at the time).

We have a revolutionary idea for you.

What if you could … actually understand what it is that the Federal Reserve does and why it matters?

And what if you could …. learn this from someone who actually knows what they are talking about?

And even better … what if to achieve this, you didn’t have to borrow $250k and spend two years at Wharton but instead could mainline ristretto whilst tuning in live online?

Well, then block out an hour of your life (you won’t get it back, but we think it’s a good investment) at 4PM EASTERN on TUESDAY 30 JANUARY.  Former professional rates trader Yimin Xu, who writes our highly regarded Macro Musings notes, will walk us through what the Fed actually does and why it matters, and what the Fed is focused on right now - and why that matters.

All our webinars run live and open-mic, so, if you have questions, comments, points, anything, pitch in!

Join us.

This webinar is free for anyone to attend.  You can register by clicking HERE.

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 19 January 2024.

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