Let's Not Talk About The Bad Old Days! (OKTA Q1 FY1/25 Earnings Review)

Let's Not Talk About The Bad Old Days! (OKTA Q1 FY1/25 Earnings Review)
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Okta Q1 FY1/25 Earnings Review

Time was we had almost nothing good to say about Okta ($OKTA). Since which time, someone somewhere, be it the board or certain shareholders, has explained the facts of life to the management team. Whereupon everything has started to get better.

The company just printed another solid quarter. Revenue growth didn't accelerate but it didn't decline either, and that's the first time this has happened in some years. Margins ticked up and cashflow presently exceeds EBITDA, which is a positive indicator of the quality of accounting (it means there is less likely to be over-aggressive revenue recognition). The balance sheet remains sound; and the order book is growing well.

Here's the headlines.

Below we lay out the fundamental financials, valuation metrics, our stock rating and price targets. Read on!

Fundamental Financial Analysis