Market Before The Open - Friday 10 November

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Rolling Over

The S&P500, Nasdaq-100 and Dow Jones rolled over late in New York trading hours yesterday. In staff personal accounts we moved to 1:1 hedged in each of those indices, as you will have seen in Slack alerts if you're a paying member here.

Here's what we posted yesterday as markets topped out.

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The Russell continues to dance to the tune in its own head, rather than the music that everyone else is listening to; it commenced its retracement of the November up-move already. On the single stock front, the financial sector and Dow picks we named in this service back in June and July look to have found their footing - even Disney, up 6.5% on the day! - and be putting in some gains. TTD, a High Beta portfolio name here, got hit with a -30% move after hours; we'll report on that over the weekend. This has been an excellent long term investment name and it's likely the reaction is excessive.

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