Market On Open - Friday 16 February

Up, Again. Zzzzzzz.

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Soon We Won't Need These Notes

If this price action continues we can just communicate by means of emojis.

Moon Emoji, Rocket Emoji, Dolla Sign Emoji and so on.

Now, don't knock it. Because laughing at this stuff and saying "It's Ridiculous" is why most people either missed out on or, worse, shorted the rally from the 2022 lows to today. Whereas by doing nothing - even just owning SPY - they could have piled up the free money very nicely thankyou. As the ideas in this service have.

So until the trend changes, the trend is up. Personally I am sat on some short hedges from a couple weeks back that are a little bit underwater, and I shall likely keep holding them until we get a pullback or a selloff or something wherein I can exit them at a smaller loss or maybe a modest gain. But as regards single-stock positions or long-leg 3x index and sector ETFs go, woot, let the good times continue.

We can all point to signs that the good times should take a breather, but that's always true. For now the trend is up. We'll see what impact, if any, the PPI report today has. But for now, let’s check in on our usual charts.

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