Market On Open - Friday 9 Feb

The Missing-In-Action “Market On Open” Report Returns

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Earnings Reactions Also Bullish

When markets are on the move, up or down, the trend plows on regardless. In a bear market, when the sun is shining and earnings are good, the market worries about climate change and inflation. In a bull market, when it is raining and earnings are down, the market sees these things as helping to solve the water crisis and investing for the future. It’s almost as if markets have their own logic and reality is merely an input.

Right now the market is very much bulled up and the reaction to single-stock earnings has been bullish indeed. As you will see from a number of earnings reports we have for you - if you’re a paying Inner Circle subscriber that is - in the coming days, ‘quite good’ earnings have delivered very good stock outcomes. Hallmark of the bull.

A pullback will come, it always does, and it will be available to be played accordingly. But so far, up remains the direction of travel. We’ll know when it turns down, because it will, er, turn down. No need to anticipate or predict or theorize about when or why. We can just watch and react as always.

Let’s check in on our usual charts.

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