Market On Open, Tuesday 11 June

Market On Open, Tuesday 11 June
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Time Is Officially Suspended

by Alex King

The only thing to do when CPI is tomorrow and FOMC is tomorrow is, nothing of any importance. Here are some ideas for anyone fortunate enough to control their own day:

  • Take the dog for an extra-long walk
  • Play a second round of golf
  • Read more stock analysis stuff
  • Watch more stock analysis videos
  • Day-trade and pray you don’t lose too much money
  • Sit around and wonder why they don’t publish more than one Wordle per day

Volumes will be low today, if history is anything to go by, and that means it’s unlikely that any trends are furthered or rejected today. Tomorrow we have the CPI print in the morning and the FOMC outcome in the afternoon. Which is remarkable if you think about it, since the FOMC meeting starts today, before they have the CPI print, but has to consider the stuff in the CPI print. You can draw your own conclusions, which will depend on the depth of conspiracy-rabbithole in which you are currently stationed.

For now let’s check in on where markets stand. In pre-market hours at the time of writing (around 0730 Eastern), the dollar is up some, yields and equities down some. As always in our regular charts below we place the current price in an overall structure to help make sense of where price may be going in stocks, bonds, oil and more. Read on!

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