Market On Open - Thursday 19 October

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The Big Five-Oh

Here's the thing that is spooking more market participants than you might care to believe.

Yup. 5% bar the shouting. Now, if you had told folks back in October 2022 when the yield stood at around 4.3% that equities - particularly the rate-sensitive Nasdaq - would be up bigly in twelve months' time, but so would the yield? Then the right-thinking amongst them would have declared that hopium at best and nonsense at worst. Yet here we are - a huge decline in bond prices driving up the yield, but the NQ still sat at around 15,000.

The relationship between asset classes - equities vs. bonds vs. commodities - is complex indeed and we don't subscribe to a long-lasting mechanical relationship between them. For periods of time you can point to specific relationships between them but all such eras pass and the relationship changes. We've been saying for some time on these pages that we thought yields could keep climbing at the same time as stocks, which is what has happened through much of 2023.

Now, if our chart on the 10-year holds water we should see a decline in the yield in the near future. It can run up over 5% for sure, but that's the level at which the chart starts to break down and we need to look again.

Let's get back to today.

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