More Coverage, Deeper Analysis, Same Money

More Coverage, Deeper Analysis, Same Money

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Service Upgrade News

Folks, thanks for reading this Cestrian Market Insight Substack.  We have some big news about a big upgrade coming your way.  From next week here’s what will happen.

We’re consolidating our newsletters into one.  We had three this time last year, two at the moment, and we’ve found that our readers and subscribers prefer a simpler product structure.  It’s also easier for us to administer, meaning we get to spend more time producing investment analysis and less time managing publications.

Going forward we will publish one newsletter service, Cestrian Market Insight - catchy name still! - and it will include the following:

  • A daily market analysis note covering the four main US equity indices (the S&P500, Nasdaq-100, Dow Jones-30 and Russell 2000), plus key sector ETFs.  This will be the same note we produce in our premium Cestrian Inner Circle service.  It includes medium- and short-term outlooks in each of the above, and we use regular ETFs, futures, and leveraged ETFs to give you three different lenses on how the underlying indices and sectors are moving.
  • Continuous coverage of around 80-90, yes, eighty to ninety, single-name stocks and ETFs.  This spans tech, defense, financials, space and other sector stocks, plus unlevered and levered ETFs in all the key sectors (energy, healthcare, utilities, real estate, software, semiconductor, etc).
  • Extensive investor education material to help you raise your game.
  • Macro commentary and insight.

If you are currently a free reader here, you’ll continue to receive free previews and partial posts of the above.

If you are currently a ‘Premium’ subscriber here (as of midnight Eastern on 20 March), you’ll receive all the above for no change in what you pay.

If you are currently a ‘Pro’ subscriber here (again as of midnight Eastern on 20 March), you’ll receive all the above plus access to our standing charts and ratings, for no change in what you pay.

You don’t need to do anything.

Unless you’re a free reader here and you’d like to sign up for the new Cestrian Market Insight newsletter - in which case you can do so right here.  Just choose the “Market Insight” option.  It’s $29.99/month or $299/yr right now.  This is an introductory price which you can lock in for as long as you remain a subscriber.  Do NOT sign up for this if you already pay for this Substack - again, if you pay here already, you don’t need to do anything.

Any questions, you can reach us anytime using this contact form.

Alex King, CEO, Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 21 March 2024.