Find Your Way With Trading Gains

Find Your Way With Trading Gains
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The Service I Wish I Could Have Found

by Alex King, CEO, Cestrian Capital Research

When I started investing in public stocks and ETFs, I searched and searched for an online service that could help me be more successful. What I was looking for was a service that combined (1) actual trading ideas where somebody looked to be putting their own actual money to work and also (2) explanations as to why this was a good idea or that was a bad idea ... and some teach-ins on method. I wanted something that was cross-sector ie. didn't just cover growth or value or shipping or commodities or whatever … because every sector has good and bad runs and I didn’t want to be restricted to just that sector. And most importantly I wanted something that would help me be able to make money from any market - bear, bull, or sideways.

Needless to say, I couldn't find such a service, and had to learn the hard way!

I am delighted, therefore, to see how successful our Trading Gains service has become. This is a real-time service that we host; the provider, Gains, runs on our Cestrian Stock Symposium platform. He launched last November and has seen a rapid rate of growth in subscribers and is also collecting some wonderful user reviews. The service provides ideas, real-money alerts whenever Gains makes trades in his personal accounts, extensive discussion of why trade X or Y and why not trade A or B, and best of all in my opinion, a natural if… then …. approach to a trading plan - in other words not being tied to one particular opinion but instead being ready to change tack as the market dictates. This is an oft-overlooked but essential aspect of success in my view. Finally, Gains has developed a superb member community that truly works together to help each other achieve better outcomes.

So, if any of this appeals to you? Now’s a great time to sign up. It’s not expensive - even with a modest account size the ideas generated ought to be capable of paying for themselves - and the trade ideas are simple in nature. The service provides ideas in ETFs - covering equity indices, commodities, volatility and specific sectors. If you like to use options you will find call- and put- ideas in the same areas too.

Sign Up In April For Your 25% Discount

Interested? Sign up in April to secure your annual subscription at a 25% discount to the rack rate. Normally you will pay $798/yr for membership of the Trading Gains service - in April you pay just $598/yr - and you keep that price for as long as you remain a subscriber.

You can learn more, and sign up with that 25% discount, by clicking here.

Oh - if you’re not sure? Sign up on the monthly. You can always switch to annual. Just remember to take the annual in April if you want the good price!

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 23 April 2024.