How To Save $100 In 24 Hrs

How To Save $100 In 24 Hrs
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As always, we're here to help, thinking only of you.

Thanks to the fine folks at we've had a successful move of our multiple Substack services over here to our own website. So we now offer both our entry-level and our premium own-brand services right here.

Market Insight is our entry-level service, and it gets you:

  • Earnings analysis notes on every one of the 60+ single-stock names we cover, across multiple sectors from semiconductors to banking and defense, software and beyond.
  • Daily market analysis covering US equity indices - the S&P500, Nasdaq-100, Dow Jones-30 and Russell 2000 - plus bonds, oil, volatility and key sector ETFs.

If you're a free reader here, and you'd like to try our paid work, we think Market Insight is excellent value. It's professional grade work prepared with institutional quality insights; it's designed to help you think, invest and/or trade like Big Money, not like your average investor.

We launched Market Insight here at an early-bird price of $299/yr or $29.99/mo. We wanted to make sure the Substack migration and a bunch of other service changes worked well and settled down. That's now a wrap.

So the price is moving up from 1 June - that's this Saturday. New joiners from 1 June will pay $399/yr or $49.99/mo. If you're a free reader and sign up before then, you pay just $299/yr or $29.99/mo - and you keep that price for as long as you remain a subscriber. We only raise prices for new joiners - never for our existing members.

You can sign up right here - just choose 'Market Insight' from the checkout page.

(Don't let us dissuade you from signing up for the full-monty Inner Circle, of course!)

Thanks as always for reading our work.

Alex King, CEO, Cestrian Capital Research, Inc