Form An Orderly Queue! (TENB Q1 FY12/24 Earnings Review)

Form An Orderly Queue! (TENB Q1 FY12/24 Earnings Review)
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Another Niche Security Name In The Acquisition Queue

Just as DynaTrace ($DT) holds a niche position in sysops, its likely fate an acquisition, so too does Tenable ($TENB) in cybersecurity. It’s a good business as far as it goes; growing, cash generative, clean balance sheet, a large number of big important customers, all that. But, really, who cares? Do you need to own the stock? You do not. And neither does Big Money. So, line up line up folks, and hope for a bigger friend with deep pockets to come along & scoop this thing up at a premium.

Let’s take a look at the detail.

Fundamental Financial Analysis