Market When Closed - Sunday 29 October

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Move Fast And Break Things

Markets in bottoming phases always look unutterably bleak and broken. As if any green that appears on the screen will soon evaporate once more. And this is how Friday last week played out. The Nasdaq managed an inside day and a +0.5% move up; everything else was down.

Many forms of chart method, our own included, suggest a low ought now to be in for the indices. We may yet see more short term weakness but I believe that to be merely time passing whilst smart money continues to accumulate. The weakest index continues to be the Russell 2000.

Charts in this post are good to Friday's close (longer term ETF charts) and the current Globex trading session (it's around 8pm Eastern at the time of writing). Monday we'll publish the normal Market On Open note.

Let's Get To It

Paying members, scroll right down for our latest take on markets. As always we look at the 10-year yield, the S&P500, Nasdaq-100, Dow Jones and the Russell 2000; we consider long-term and short-term outlooks, and we lay out staff personal account trading plans in each of the indices. We add Bitcoin and Ether futures pricing for good measure.

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