Politburo Membership Opportunity

Politburo Membership Opportunity

At the start of 2023 we launched our “Inner Circle” service.  The idea was to take our independent investment research to a whole new level, and to do so in a way that would work for independent investors, institutional portfolio managers, and RIAs alike.  The motto of the service is, Fiercely Independent - we speak our minds no matter what the prevailing narrative or who is preaching what on Twitter, CNBC, IBD, Wall Street, or anywhere else.

Fiercely Independent Investment Research - Image Source, Adobe.com

As we move toward the end of the year, we’re delighted with the success of the service.  It’s been our fastest-growing to date, and never before have any of our subscribers declared this about our work:

“Beyond some brilliant and profound analytics we find a knowledgable mentor, who effectively functions as a source of inspiration and erudition. Cestrian makes dumb money smart and smart money brilliant. The rest is up to you.”

(An actual Inner Circle subscriber, not related to any Cestrian staff, 10 September 2023)

At Inner Circle you can use our work - which is produced in part by myself, Alex King (I’m the founder at Cestrian), and in part by our many deeply skilled and much experienced investor-contributors - in pursuit of the following:

  • Simple long equity index investing and trading - we cover the S&P500, Nasdaq-100, Dow Jones and Russell 2000 to this effect.
  • Levered long/short 3x equity index trading in the above indices.
  • Sector ETF investing, following Big Money as it rotates capital into and out of sectors.
  • Cestrian model portfolio investing - we have four portfolios to date, designed on a rotation basis ie. buy at the sector lows, sell at the sector highs.
  • Single-stock investing and trading using combined fundamental and technical analysis.

Before any Cestrian staff personal accounts place trades in stocks or ETFs covered in the service, you’ll receive an alert, so you have the opportunity to trade before we do.

We’re delighted to see the service used regularly by our many professional and independent investor members.  We include a Slack chat environment where you can chat directly to Cestrian people and to fellow members.  It’s nothing like any stocks board you’ve found before.  No stock-shaming, cursing, bull or bear memes, just thorough work contributed to help raise everyone’s game.

Our pricing policy in our services is simple.  At launch, we price low, way low.  As the service grows in breadth and depth, the price goes up for new joiners - but never for existing members.  Once you join, your price never rises for as long as you stay a member.

We have the next set of price rises coming down the pike, so if you’ve been thinking about signing up for our very best work - the work we use to invest and trade staff personal account monies - it’s cheaper now than in November (when our Extended 6-year subscription goes up) or December (when our Annual and Monthly subscriptions rise).

Better yet.  Anyone who signs up in October can do so with a 25% discount to rack rate - whether you take the monthly, the annual or the Extended subscription.

You can read all about Inner Circle, here.

Or if you want to sign up right away to get the good discounts?  You can do that right here at these links:

Monthly membership - rack rate $249/mo; until 31 October, $186.75/mo

Annual membership - rack rate $1999/yr; until 31 October, $1499/yr

Extended 6-year membership - rack rate $6999; until 31 October, $5249.

Any questions, reach out using this contact form and we'll get right back to you.

Alex King, Founder, Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 27 October 2023.