Market On Open - Tuesday 13 February

CPI day. Never a dull moment.

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Lead Helmet Day

0830 Eastern today sees the CPI print for January. There seems to be an acceptance that inflation is likely to tick up a notch; it is possible that the Fed then raises rates, whereupon you can expect some monkey business of the highest order from market bigs. More likely in my view that the Fed decides to not cut rates at present, which alone may cause disappointment amongst late money.

CPI day itself is usually a festival of free money for bigs. It is common to see indices in particular swing up, down, down, up, all over the shop like a crazed shopping cart until finally settling to head off in the direction bigs had planned anyway.

Protection against this kind of thing comes in a number of forms, including but not limited to:

  • A focus on the longer timeframe
  • A dead-inside approach to investing where you will be surprised by nothing, shocked by nothing, and will have the confidence to sit back, work out what is actually happening and then act accordingly
  • A lead helmet. Which is available for surprisingly little. No finer defense against the money-stealing brain-ionizing radiation sent to you via your broker screen from Mission Control.
Radiation Protection Thinking Cap
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And with that, let’s check in on our usual charts.

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