Market On Open - Monday 9 October

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To all our readers and subscribers in Israel, or those of you with family, friends, colleagues in Israel, I truly hope you and yours are all keeping safe in the wake of the ongoing terror attack. This is not an easy time and I dare say it will not be resolved quickly.

As regards market analysis we continue to be guided by price action. War has an unpredictable impact on markets and the first reaction usually is not the final reaction. The terror attack itself seems unusually well organized and financed and so more events may yet unfold.

Below we step through our analysis of the S&P500, the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones, Russell 2000, Bitcoin and Ether.

We lay out our charts so that you can use them for (i) long-term investing, giving you market context for your single-stock and ETF investments, and/or (ii) short term trading, whether in index ETFs, futures or options.

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