Market On Open - Thursday 11 January

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Whatever Is Below Will Be Wrong

Today is US CPI day. The print came in a little above expectations - you can read the gory detail here - but not much. So now it falls to market bigs to decide direction of equities. Typically there are several moves up, down, up, down before the trend for the coming days is established. If you are mightily skilled you may be able to trade this short term swing; personally going into CPI today I simply hedged all my 3x ETF positions and left my single-stock equities sit long and unhedged. The market remains undecided heading towards the New York open - no particularly big moves in either direction. We will likely have a clearer picture next week.

For now let’s take a look at where the indices stand.

Daily Charts

For paying members we now run through our usual charts covering the main US equity indices, associated leveraged ETFs, plus the SOXL TECL and FNGU ETFs as always.

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