Market When Open - Monday 10 June

Market When Open - Monday 10 June
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Another Day, Another Nvidia Event

by Alex King

The most important event today is, of course, the Nvidia stock split. Since most all brokers now offer fractional share trading, I am never quite sure why a stock split would be an event at all, but I seem to be in audience of 1 on this point, so I shall cede. Some other stuff is happening this week too - you know, small stuff like CPI, FOMC, that kind of thing - but we’ll deal with that later in the week when it comes along.

For now let’s check in on where markets stand. In pre-market hours at the time of writing (around 0800 Eastern), the dollar is up some, equities down some, yield up some, but all just noise at the moment, nothing one could call a signal. But in our regular charts below we place the current price in an overall structure to help make sense of where price may be going.

As always in these notes, today we cover all four primary US equity indices (the S&P500, Nasdaq-100, Dow Jones-30 and Russell 2000); bonds (TLT), volatility (the Vix), oil (USO) and sector-specific ETFs.

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