On The Launchpad?

On The Launchpad?
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The Trade Desk ($TTD) Q1 FY12/24 Earnings Review

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Why Boring Gray Bars Are Worth Studying

Amongst the many crushingly dull concepts embraced by ’technical analysis’ of stock prices (a label itself designed to deflect and offput, if you ask me - it’s not that hard, and it’s not that technical either) is the volume x price chart.

The gray bars you see on the right hand side of most of our charts are there to show you that over any specified time period (to the right of the dotted vertical line that defines time = 0) what has been the volume of shares traded in a particular price zone. Getting a feeling for what these mean can help you understand when bigs are buying, when selling, when defending a price, when letting price collapse, etc.

As regards The Trade Desk ($TTD) which just printed its Q1, the most interesting thing about the stock right now, at least to my eyes (and I am interested in some pretty dull stuff I can tell you), is the volume x price chart, because it looks very much to me like $TTD may be getting ready to rock and roll, sat as it is up and over the last high volume node that stands between today and the all time high.

Below we lay out the headline numbers (before the paywall) and then take a look at the detailed financials, valuation analysis and our stock price projection, technical analysis and rating (after the paywall).

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The Trade Desk Headline Financials

Detailed Fundamental Analysis