Our Latest Model Portfolio - Enterprise Software Stocks

Our Latest Model Portfolio - Enterprise Software Stocks
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Timing Is (Almost) Everything!

by Alex King

We started our Inner Circle service in early January 2023, and put together our initial model portfolios with start dates in February 2023 ("Core Stocks") and March 2023 ("High Beta Stocks). The performance of both has been very strong, and whilst I'd like to claim some sort of genius stock-picking ability, the fact is that the performance rests upon the timing of the buys. The bear market was in the rear-view and the bull had yet to gather steam.

Later last year, in June 2023, we started our "Financial Stocks" model portfolio in the wake of the regional banking crisis. All financial stocks had been whacked, but only structurally unsound financial companies were going under. The five names we put in that Financial Stocks portfolio were and are incredibly boring and stable companies, but their stocks were beaten down as if they were just another overleveraged or underprovided local bank. The portfolio has performed very well, again, I'd love to claim to be a Finance Stock Guru but in fact the primary benefit was the timing and the boringness.

In July 2023 with the Dow having led the bull but then taking a breather vs. the S&P and the Nasdaq, we picked a Dow Laggard model portfolio. It did fine but once it started to look as if it would lag the indices, we closed it out whilst it was still outperforming.

Finally in January 2024 with defense names looking to be under institutional accumulation at the lows, we opened our Defense Stock portfolio, as a, yes, defensive portfolio. It has, rather unexpectedly, outperformed.

You can read our latest school report on these model portfolios, here - data as of the end of last week.

Today we announce the latest in this series of model portfolios - our Enterprise Software Stocks. This model portfolio is available to our Inner Circle subscribers only. If you'd like to join the Inner Circle service, here's how to do it.

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OK. Let's get to work. Here's all about our Enterprise Software Model Portfolio.